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IA-Instructional Program Philosophy (pdf document)
File Size: 7.2 kb

Issued 11/27/1989

IAA-Academic Freedom (pdf document)
File Size: 5.96 kb

Issued 04/18/1994

IB-Instructional Goals (pdf document)
File Size: 5.5 kb

Issued 05/22/1989

IC-Curriculum Development (pdf document)
File Size: 6.9 kb

Issued 08/14/1989

ICC-Educational Research (pdf document)
File Size: 6.72 kb

Issued 07/10/1989

ICD-Curriculum Development Pilot Projects or Creative and Innovative Programs (pdf document)
File Size: 6.45 kb

Issued 12/09/1991

IDA-Basic Instructional Program  (pdf document)
File Size: 6.44 kb

Reviewed 09/23/1991
Issued 02/11/1980

IDAA-Career and Technical Education (pdf document)
File Size: 84.3 kb

Issued 04/26/2004

IDAB-Career Education (pdf document)
File Size: 6.24 kb

Issued 12/09/1991

IDB-Health and Physical Education Program (pdf document)
File Size: 6.63 kb

Issued 12/09/1991

IDBB-Drug Education Program (pdf document)
File Size: 6.4 kb

Issued 12/09/1991

IDBC-Instruction on Significant Contagious Diseases (pdf document)
File Size: 7.29 kb

Issued 11/08/1993

IDCE-Advanced College Placement  (pdf document)
File Size: 6.48 kb

Reviewed 03/22/1993
Issued 12/09/1991

IDCF-Work Experience Opportunities (pdf document)
File Size: 82.43 kb

Issued 04/26/2004

IDCH-Correspondence Courses (pdf document)
File Size: 6.28 kb

Issued 06/22/1992

IDDB-Remedial Programs (pdf document)
File Size: 6.25 kb

Issued 04/20/1992

IDDBA-Federal Title Programs - Dispute Resolutions  (pdf document)
File Size: 97.02 kb

Issued 11/14/2005

IDDBAA-English Language Learner (pdf document)
File Size: 65.82 kb

Issued 05/14/2012

IDDBB-Title I Comparability  (pdf document)
File Size: 9.94 kb

Issued 04/25/2005

IDDC-Homebound Instruction (pdf document)
File Size: 6.52 kb

Issued 04/20/1992

IDDC-E-Homebound Teaching (pdf document)
File Size: 6.77 kb

IDDH-R-Play Selection (pdf document)
File Size: 7.17 kb

Issued 04/25/1991

IDE-Co-curricular Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 6.64 kb

Issued 06/22/1992

IDEA-Sportsmanship (pdf document)
File Size: 6.93 kb

Issued 03/14/1996

IDEA-R-Sportsmanship (pdf document)
File Size: 6.82 kb

Issued 03/14/1996

IDEB-Replacement of Band/Choir Uniforms (pdf document)
File Size: 39.59 kb

Issued 07/09/2001

IDFA-Interscholastic/Intramural Athletics  (pdf document)
File Size: 85.24 kb

Issued 10/25/2004

IDFA-R-Middle School Acceleration and/or Participation in High School Varsity Programs  (pdf document)
File Size: 14.22 kb

Issued 10/25/2004

IDFB-Participation in Co-Curricular Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 131.85 kb

Issued 4/13/2009

IDFB-R Participation in Co-Curricular Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 338.86 kb

Issued 10/14/2013

IDG-Adult Education (pdf document)
File Size: 6.65 kb

Issued 04/20/1992

IEC-Class Size (pdf document)
File Size: 4.14 kb

Issued 07/09/2001

IED-Scheduling for Instruction (pdf document)
File Size: 6.39 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

IFAA/IFAB-Selection of Instructional Materials  (pdf document)
File Size: 15.12 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R-Selection of Textbooks (pdf document)
File Size: 10.02 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R1-Selection & Maintenance of Library Material  (pdf document)
File Size: 33.2 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R2-Selection of Supplementary Classroom Curricular & Co-Curricular Materials  (pdf document)
File Size: 11.8 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R3-Movie/Video/TV Ratings  (pdf document)
File Size: 12.33 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R4-Exception for Use Request for Non-Print Curricular Resources  (pdf document)
File Size: 11.72 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R5-Request for Parental Permission for Usage of AV Materials  (pdf document)
File Size: 65.25 kb

Issued 8/13/2012

IFAA/IFAB-E-School Libraries  (pdf document)
File Size: 13.75 kb

Issued 11/27/2006

IFABA-Use of Copyrighted Materials (pdf document)
File Size: 72.52 kb

Issued 11/12/2007

IFABA-R Use of Copyrighted Materials (pdf document)
File Size: 131.62 kb

Issued 10/22/2007

IFABA-R1 Copyright and Fair use Guidelines for Teachers (pdf document)
File Size: 140.18 kb

Issued 10/22/2007

IFAC-Equipment and Supplies Selection and Adoption (pdf document)
File Size: 6.35 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

IFBA-Teacher Aides (pdf document)
File Size: 6.4 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IFC-Community Instructional Resources (pdf document)
File Size: 6.65 kb

Issued 06/13/1994

IFC-R1-Student Access to Holdings of Community Libraries (pdf document)
File Size: 9.85 kb

Issued 10/23/2006

IFCB-Field Trips (pdf document)
File Size: 6.37 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IFCB-R-Field Trips and Excursions (pdf document)
File Size: 6.35 kb

Issued 01/27/2000

IFCC-Community Resource Persons (pdf document)
File Size: 6.34 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

IFCD-School Volunteers (pdf document)
File Size: 6.21 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

IG-Resource Program (pdf document)
File Size: 6.33 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IH-Academic Achievement (pdf document)
File Size: 6.54 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IHA-Grading System (pdf document)
File Size: 171.92 kb

Issued 12/9/2013

IHAB-Report Cards (pdf document)
File Size: 165.08 kb

Issued 9/9/2013

IHAC-Review of Assigned Grades (pdf document)
File Size: 7.05 kb

Issued 09/23/1991

IHAD-Parent Conferences (pdf document)
File Size: 6.41 kb

Issued 07/23/1991

IHB-Homework (pdf document)
File Size: 6.24 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IHD-Class Rankings/Recognition (pdf document)
File Size: 6.38 kb

Issued 09/25/1995

IHE Promotion and Retention of Students (pdf document)
File Size: 70.42 kb

May 11, 2009

IHEB-Acceleration - Academic (pdf document)
File Size: 101.77 kb

Issued 10/22/2012

IHEB-R-Academic Acceleration (pdf document)
File Size: 168.73 kb

Issued 10/8/12

IHF-Graduation Requirements (pdf document)
File Size: 141.18 kb

Issued 8/11/2014

II-Testing Programs (pdf document)
File Size: 6.49 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IJ-R-Evaluation of Instructional Program (pdf document)
File Size: 6.97 kb

Issued 06/08/1979

IKB-Teaching About Controversial Issues (pdf document)
File Size: 6.67 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

IKBA-Controversial Speakers (pdf document)
File Size: 6.81 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

IKI-R-Lesson Plans (pdf document)
File Size: 6.21 kb

Issued 06/08/1979


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