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GAA-Personnel Goals and Objectives (pdf document)
File Size: 52.75 kb

Issued 01/29/1990

GAAA/JAA-Equal Employment and Educational Opportunities (pdf document)
File Size: 6.91 kb

Issued 11/10/2003

GAAAA-Nondiscrimination (pdf document)
File Size: 135.06 kb

Issued 11/09/1998

GAC-Staff Involvement in Decision Making (pdf document)
File Size: 54.2 kb

Issued 08/13/1990

GACA-Board-Staff Communications (pdf document)
File Size: 122.62 kb

Issued 08/13/1990

GAD-Professional Personnel Development Opportunities (pdf document)
File Size: 40.45 kb

Issued 03/23/2009

GAD-R-Professional Personnel Development Opportunities (pdf document)
File Size: 39.61 kb

Issued 03/23/2009

GADE-Staff Evaluation (pdf document)
File Size: 7.03 kb

Issued 08/13/1990

GAE-R-Complaint Procedure (pdf document)
File Size: 52.7 kb

Issued 04/05/1982

GAEA-Sexual Harassment (pdf document)
File Size: 15.59 kb

Issued 08/08/2011

GAF - Fraternization (pdf document)
File Size: 143.16 kb

Issued 9/10/2012

GAG-Staff Conflict of Interest (pdf document)
File Size: 9.66 kb

Issued 08/13/1990

GAGA-Staff Ethics (pdf document)
File Size: 8.01 kb

Issued 08/08/2011

GAHA-Staff Participation in Community Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 120.18 kb

Issued 01/29/1990

GAHB-Political Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 4.95 kb

Issued 06/26/2000

GAHBA-Political Leave (pdf document)
File Size: 39.87 kb

Issued 5/22/2000

GAHBA-R-Political Leave (pdf document)
File Size: 54.31 kb

Issued 5/22/2000

GAJ-Promotion (pdf document)
File Size: 120.66 kb

Issued 04/22/1991

GAK-Public Access to Personnel Records (pdf document)
File Size: 6.63 kb

Issued 01/13/2003

GAK-R-Personnel Records (pdf document)
File Size: 13.65 kb

Issued 07/21/2000

GAL-Alcohol and Drug Abuse by Employees (pdf document)
File Size: 9.88 kb

Issued 04/28/2003

GAL-R-Alcohol and Drug Abuse by Employees (pdf document)
File Size: 6.56 kb

Issued 04/28/2003

GAM-Drug-Free Workplace (pdf document)
File Size: 127.69 kb

Issued 05/13/1991

GAMA-Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees (pdf document)
File Size: 12.77 kb

Issued 02/10/2003

GAMA-R-Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees (pdf document)
File Size: 19.8 kb

Issued 09/25/1995

GAMB-Safety Enforcement (pdf document)
File Size: 7 kb

Issued 02/26/1996

GAMC- Staff and Student Responsible Use of Technology (pdf document)
File Size: 254.62 kb

Issued 06/11/2012

GB-Professional Personnel Section (pdf document)
File Size: 6.23 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

GBA-Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts (pdf document)
File Size: 6.02 kb

Issued 12/08/2003

GBA-R Staff Development Compensation (pdf document)
File Size: 69.42 kb

Issued 2/8/2010

GBAA-Liquidated Damages (pdf document)
File Size: 6.12 kb

Issued 01/29/1990

GBAB-Professional Dev. Opportunities (pdf document)
File Size: 6.23 kb

Issued 01/29/1990

GBBA-R-Job Description - Teachers (pdf document)
File Size: 7.95 kb

Issued 01/10/1995

GBC-Professional Staff Recruiting/Posting Vacancies (pdf document)
File Size: 6.76 kb

Issued 07/23/1991

GBD-Professional Staff Hiring (pdf document)
File Size: 6.63 kb

Issued 07/23/1991

GBE/GBM-Professional Personnel Assignment and Transfer (pdf document)
File Size: 6.45 kb

Issued 08/13/1990

GBE/GBM-R-Professional Personnel Assignment and Transfer (pdf document)
File Size: 6.91 kb

Issued 10/01/1991

GBFA-R-Course Approvals and Reimbursements (pdf document)
File Size: 191.29 kb

Issued 2/10/2014

GBFB-In-service on Significant Contagious Diseases (pdf document)
File Size: 6.67 kb

Issued 11/08/1993

GBKA-Layoff - Reduction in Force (pdf document)
File Size: 6.34 kb

Issued 01/29/1990

GBRB-Professional Personnel Time Schedules (pdf document)
File Size: 6.45 kb

Issued 05/26/1977

GBRB-R-Administrator & Teacher Work Day (pdf document)
File Size: 8.52 kb

Issued 03/12/2012

GBRHAA-R-Sabbatical Leave Program (pdf document)
File Size: 8.28 kb

Issued 11/02/1998

GBRHAB-R-Sabbatical Leave Program Guidelines (pdf document)
File Size: 56.64 kb

Issued 11/02/1998

GBRHB-Professional Personnel Conferences and Visitations (pdf document)
File Size: 6.37 kb

Issued 04/23/1990

GBRHB-R-Professional Leave With Pay (pdf document)
File Size: 6.57 kb

Issued 05/05/1992

GBRHC-Professional Personnel Exchange Teaching (pdf document)
File Size: 6.24 kb

Issued 04/23/1990

GBRHC-R-Exchange Teaching (pdf document)
File Size: 6.52 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

GBRI-Professional Staff Leaves and Absences (pdf document)
File Size: 100.53 kb

Issued 11/28/2011

GBRI-R-Family and Medical Leave (pdf document)
File Size: 180.3 kb

Issued 03/23/2009

GBRI-RI-Insurance for Employees on Leave of Absence (pdf document)
File Size: 6.75 kb

Issued 01/04/1999

GBRIA-Jury Duty (pdf document)
File Size: 6.28 kb

Issued 04/23/1990

GBRIB-R-Pay Dock Procedure (pdf document)
File Size: 169.91 kb

Issued 10/8/2012

GBRID-Professional Personnel Military Leave (pdf document)
File Size: 6.35 kb

Issued 05/29/1990

GBRIG-Substance Abuse (pdf document)
File Size: 7.21 kb

Issued 05/29/1990

GBRIG-R-Employee Assistance (pdf document)
File Size: 7.81 kb

Issued 01/11/1999

GBRJ-Professional Personnel Substitute Teachers (pdf document)
File Size: 125.05 kb

Issued 10/13/2008

GC-Support Personnel Section (pdf document)
File Size: 6.2 kb

Issued 11/26/1990

GCD-Support Personnel Employment (pdf document)
File Size: 6.49 kb

Issued 11/26/1990

GCD-R-Probationary Period for Support Employees  (pdf document)
File Size: 64.03 kb

Issued 07/01/2011

GCE/GCM-Support Personnel Assignment and Transfer (pdf document)
File Size: 6.43 kb

Issued 11/26/1990

GCE/GCM-R-Support Personnel Assignment and Transfer (pdf document)
File Size: 6.84 kb

Issued 11/02/1998

GCN-Support Personnel Separation (pdf document)
File Size: 6.53 kb

Issued 11/26/1990

GCRA-Support Personnel Health Examinations (pdf document)
File Size: 6.61 kb

Issued 11/26/1990

GCRGA-Jury Duty (pdf document)
File Size: 6.29 kb

Issued 11/23/1998

GCRGD-Military Leave (pdf document)
File Size: 6.32 kb

Issued 11/23/1998

GCRGG-Substance Abuse (pdf document)
File Size: 7.2 kb

Issued 11/23/1998

GCRGG-R-Employee Assistance (pdf document)
File Size: 7.81 kb

Issued 01/11/1999

GCRH-Support Personnel Personal Leave and Absences (pdf document)
File Size: 71.66 kb

Issued 4/26/2010

GCRH-R-Family and Medical Leave (pdf document)
File Size: 180.31 kb

Issued 03/23/2009

GDA-R - Length-of-Service/Retirement Awards (pdf document)
File Size: 226.41 kb

Issued 6/18/2014

GKB-R Administrative Procedure for Investigating Misconduct (pdf document)
File Size: 171.98 kb

Issued 11/12/2013

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