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Facilities Updates

Bismarck Public Schools is predicted to grow by about 13% or more than 1,900 students in grades K-12 by 2021-2022. The public is encouraged to review these documents and others that will be posted as plans develop.

Elementary Facility Committee

FAQ on elementary space & boundary proposals

Committee Recommendations to the Board 6-14-17

Draft map of proposed boundary changes 6-14-17

Committee notes 5-30-17

Committee mtg. PPT 5-30-17

Committee notes 5-2-17

Committee mtg. PPT 5-2-17

Committee notes 4-18-17

Committee mtg. PPT 4-18-17

Innovative Education defined

Elementary draft costs

Committee mtg. PPT 4-4-17

Committee notes 4-4-17

Demographer Enrollment Projections (Nov. 2016)

Demographer PPT Presentation (Nov. 2016)

Secondary Construction Project Updates

June 2017 updates

Election Info

Voting Results

Voting & Poll Info

Map of school district boundaries

Notice of Special Election 1-3-17

Initial resolution for bonds

Resolution calling for special election

2017 Bond Info


2017 Bond brochure

Bond flier 1

Bond flier 2

Bond flier 3

Bond flier 4

Bond flier 5

Community Bond PPT

Residential Impact chart

Retire & Replace chart

Home Value chart

Tax Impact Calculator

Project Drawings






Facility Committee Info

School Board meeting news release 1/23/17 (pdf document)
File Size: 213.26 kb

12/12/16 Board Mtg. PowerPoint (pdf document)
File Size: 446.24 kb

School Board meeting news release 12/12/16 (pdf document)
File Size: 282.54 kb

Demographic Projections (pdf document)
File Size: 653.02 kb

Demographer Presentation: 11-14-16 (pdf document)
File Size: 8389.32 kb

3-31 School Board Powerpoint (pdf document)
File Size: 1971.32 kb

3-3-16 PPT presentation for public forum (pdf document)
File Size: 1891.92 kb

3-3-16 Public Forum Comments (pdf document)
File Size: 237.71 kb

3-1-16 Committee Notes (pdf document)
File Size: 255.12 kb

2-18 Committee Notes (pdf document)
File Size: 230.04 kb

2-18 Mill Comparison (pdf document)
File Size: 143.75 kb

1-27-16 Build New Middle School (pdf document)
File Size: 16845.69 kb

1-27-16 Middle School Additions (pdf document)
File Size: 12779 kb

1-27-16 Public Forum Handout (pdf document)
File Size: 369.18 kb

1-27-16 School Maps (pdf document)
File Size: 2581.1 kb

Bismarck Feeder Capacity (pdf document)
File Size: 239.94 kb

Committee Notes Feedback 1-7-16 (pdf document)
File Size: 350.42 kb

Debt Service Database (pdf document)
File Size: 75.98 kb

Homework (pdf document)
File Size: 94.59 kb

January Meeting Agenda (pdf document)
File Size: 248.7 kb

Mill Comparison (pdf document)
File Size: 54.92 kb

Powerpoint for 1-7-16 committee mtg. (pdf document)
File Size: 2028.66 kb

December Committee Agenda (pdf document)
File Size: 273.98 kb

Powerpoint for 12-3-15 committee mtg. (pdf document)
File Size: 1618.54 kb

12/3 Facility Planning Committee Notes  (pdf document)
File Size: 136.32 kb

Powerpoint for 11-5-15 committee mtg. (pdf document)
File Size: 2211.33 kb

Flexible mod schedule Bismarck Tribune story (pdf document)
File Size: 130.13 kb

Ideal Graduate Picture (jpg document)
File Size: 3844.91 kb

High school schedule samples (pdf document)
File Size: 475.13 kb

Workforce Readiness and Skills Shortages (pdf document)
File Size: 5510.12 kb

FINAL committee Agenda 1 (pdf document)
File Size: 181.04 kb

2010-2015 NDSA Overview by Grade (lsx document)
File Size: 10.78 kb

Demographer Enrollment Projection + Study Presentation Bis-Man (pdf document)
File Size: 2357.9 kb

Demographic Projections (pdf document)
File Size: 414.19 kb

Demographer Presentation: 3-9-15 (pdf document)
File Size: 2086.85 kb

News Release: 3-9-15 (pdf document)
File Size: 306.24 kb

Facility Planning Mtgs. 2015-16 (pdf document)
File Size: 679.98 kb

Saxvik Parent-Staff Meeting (pdf document)
File Size: 204.27 kb

Saxvik Parent-Staff Mtg. PPT presentation (pdf document)
File Size: 569.88 kb

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