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Comprehensive Evaluation Phase

Comprehensive Evaluation Phase

Teachers with more than three years of satisfactory service who are demonstrating standards of effective teaching. A comprehensive evaluation will be completed once every three years.

To support teacher-led self assessment
To promote professional growth
To enhance student learning
To provide feedback on professional issues
To focus on Balanced Scorecard initiatives

A formal self-assessment for teachers
Identify components to be assessed
Formal and Informal classroom observations to assess professional practices

Teacher conducts self-assessment
Teacher and administrator determine which components the teacher will be assessed on based on specific need or interest
Formal observations by administrator with pre- and post-conferences
Summative review written by administrator and teacher prior to March 15

Step 1 - Self Assessment

Step 2 - Identification

Step 3 - Pre-Observation

Step 4 - Observation

Level of Performance - Rating Sheets

Formal observations and evaluation of performance based on the following items:

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Domain 2: Classroom Culture

Domain 3: Curriculum and Instruction

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

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