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Teacher Professional Excellence Program


The evaluation of teaching performance is acknowledged as an important means of promoting excellence in education in the Bismarck Public Schools. It is because of this importance that the Bismarck Public Schools Professional Excellence Framework was developed.

The goal of the Bismarck Public School District Professional Excellence Program (PEP) is to bring teachers into the process as partners with administrators in ways that support their professional growth, and enhance student learning through effective instructional practices.

Educators have always understood that the fundamental purposes of teacher evaluation are both quality assurances and professional development. Traditionally, however, teacher evaluation was a process that was done to teachers. Although the process was to assure that quality teaching and learning was taking place in the classroom, the brief observation of a teacher was not enough to recognize, cultivate, and develop good teaching.

Today, the complexity of educating children and young adults is clearly understood, and as quality takes center stage in education reform, evaluation strategies are helping teachers at all career stages grow professionally. The evaluation framework is designed to help first year teachers survive the almost overwhelming challenges of the first three years of teaching; ensure that standards for effective teaching are understood, accepted and demonstrated by veteran teachers; and provide the guidance for teachers and principals when improvement and intervention is needed.

The Professional Excellence Program utilizes the Framework for Teaching (FFT) developed by Charlotte Danielson as the evaluation rubric. The district is currently using TalentEd which is an online evaluation tool to document the evaluation process. The online tool allows teachers to take an active role in the evaluation process and work with their administrator to grow and develop throughout their career.


Professional Growth Evaluations Timeline for Teachers
Task Completion Date
Teacher completes self-evaluation by September 15
Teacher sets up a meeting with principal to discuss Professional Growth Plan Description by October 1
Teacher sets up a meeting with principal to complete Professional Growth Plan Review by March 15

Comprehensive Evaluations Timeline for Teachers
Task Completion Date
Teacher completes self-evaluation by September 15
Teacher and principal meet to discuss which components will be included on the evaluation based on the self-evaluation by October 1
Principal arranges a meeting with the teacher to discuss and complete the pre-observation form by January 15
Principal does at least one classroom observation by March 1
Principal conducts a post-evaluation conference with the teacher by March 1
Principal and teacher meet to discuss and complete the comprehensive evaluation form by March 15
The comprehensive evaluation form is completed and signed by the teacher and administrator. by March 15

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