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Curriculum Resources Selection

*New adopted Textbook submissions Due February 1st* Replacement and increased enrollment requests due March 1st.

The following steps must be followed prior to purchasing curriculum or curriculum materials:

*District policy regarding curriculum and instructional materials MUST be reviewed as you work through this process* Policies are provided below
  1. Assistant Superintendent Notifies Principals
    • Once the assistant superintendent gives elementary and secondary principals authorization to begin the curriculum & instruction materials selection process, principals will put out a request to their teachers on what materials they need
  2. Principals Submit Requests
    • Requests that are submitted by their staff will be sent to the Assistant Superintendent for review
  3. Designate a Chair Person
    • Assistant Superintendent will select a chair person from the teacher requests provided by the principals
    • This will be the person who will communicate with the Assistant Superintendent about the curriculum or curriculum materials selection
  4. Form a Selection Committee
    • Each building who will be receiving the curriculum or curriculum materials must have at least one representative on the committee
  5. Print out and complete the curriculum selection matrix
    • Minimum of three (3) vendors for review is recommended
  6. Technology Review
    • Once you have identified your vendor preference(s) the committee chair person must schedule a demo of the curriculum or curriculum materials with the vendor and any software/media components including online environments
    • The chair person is responsible for
      • Finding a date
      • Securing a room
      • Inviting staff
    • Attendees should include
      • Textbook Vendor
      • Committee chair person
      • Committee members
      • Technology staff (Help Desk, 323.4040)
  7. Select a vendor
    • Committee must come to a consensus
  8. Fill out the Request for Textbook form once all steps in the process are complete
  9. Submit your form to your building principal for approval

Additional Resources

IFAA/IFAB-Selection of Instructional Materials  (pdf document)
File Size: 15.12 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R-Selection of Textbooks (pdf document)
File Size: 10.02 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

IFAA/IFAB-R2-Selection of Supplementary Classroom Curricular & Co-Curricular Materials  (pdf document)
File Size: 11.8 kb

Issued 06/12/2006

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