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Parental Involvement

Bismarck Public School values the joint efforts of parents and schools working together to ensure quality education for ELL students. Several avenues will be utilized in informing parents about their child's education and promoting participation in the ELL program.

The parents are an active part of the Language Support Committee. Through this committee parents will be kept informed of any assessment plans for their child and all assessments will be shared with them.

An ELL committee will be in place that will have parents and students from the immigrant and Native American communities as well as teachers and students from the elementary, middle, and high schools. This provides an avenue for input in developing procedures, instructional strategies, parent and professional development plans which affect their children's education, as well as a resource network with other parents within the district.

A meeting will be held at least once a year which provides an opportunity for parents to visit other parents of ELL students. This meeting is valuable to parents because their input helps define how the school educates their children.

Refer to "Parental Rights" document under DPI section of ELL administrative binder for a list of rights guaranteed to parents of LEP students under NCLB.

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