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BPS' ELA Program Models

An ELL program is used in the BPS district because the language minority population is very diverse and represents many different languages. ELL programs can accommodate students from different language backgrounds in the same class, and teachers do not need to be proficient in the home language(s) of their students. BPS uses an integrated ELL program that provides language-assistant services in the mainstream classroom as much as possible. Specialized staff work closely with classroom teachers to provide services. Classroom teachers modify materials, and use peer tutors along with instructional aides to provide services. Specialized ELL methodology and materials are incorporated into classroom activities as much as possible.

Research has shown that an inclusionary, least restricted environment is a sound educational practice for all special learners. LEP students can learn English from peers and feel more successful if they arc pan of the whole group.

ELL Pull-Out -Elementary School

Is generally used in elementary school settings. Students spend part or the day in a mainstream classroom, but arc pulled out for a portion of each day to receive instruction in English as a second language. Although schools with a large number of LEP students may have a full-time ELL teacher, some districts employ an ELL teacher who travels to several schools to work with small groups of students scattered throughout the district. This program model is also used at all grade levels with students at low proficiency levels.

ELL Class Period -Middle & High School

Is generally used in middle and high school settings. Students receive ELL instruction during a regular class period. They may be grouped for instruction according to their level of English proficiency. Grades 9-12 receive I credit per semester class.

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